Application Forms & Checklists

Construction Certificate Application Form

Construction Certificate Application Checklist

Construction Certificate Application Checklist (Class 2 – 9)

Complying Development Certificate Application Form

Complying Development Certificate Application Checklist

Complying Development Certificate Application Checklist (Class 2 – 9)

Replacement of Principal Certifying Authority Form

Occupation Certificate Application Form

CC/CDC Modification Application Form

Installation Certification Forms (Residential)

Residential Installation Certification Form

Solid Fuel Heater

Acoustic Insulation

BASIX Certification


Balustrades & Handrails

Blank Installation Certificate

Bush Fire Requirements


Damp Proof Course

Fire Seperation

Glazing & Windows


Shower Screen Glazing

Smoke Detectors

Stair Treads & Risers

Stormwater & Drainage

Structural Steel

Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming Pool Spa Recirculation System

Termite Protection

Timber Frame

Un Reinforced Masonry

Wall & Roof Cladding

Water Proofing

Water Saving Devices

Window Aluminium


Installation Certification Forms (Class 2-9)

Fire Hazard Properties

Fire Resistance


Structural Aluminium

Structural Concrete

Structural Masonry

Structural Piling

Structural Steel

Structural Timber

Termite Protection

Balustrades & Handrails

Blank Installation Form

Ceiling Height

Clothes Drying Facilities



Disabled Access

Disables Sanitary Facilities

Doorways & Doors


Impact Sound Acoustic Treatment

Kitchen Exhaust

Landings & Thresholds

Fire Isolated Lift & Stair Shafts

Artificial Lighting

Light Weight Construction

Mechanical Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Roof Coverings

Sanitary Facilities

Separation of Rising & Descending Stair Shafts

Acoustic Treatments

Width of Stairs

Stormwater & Drainage

Swimming Pool Fence

Treads & Risers

Waterproofing & Wet Areas

Provision for Cleaning of Windows